January 30, 2022

7 Ways to Turn Worry into Excitement about Getting Things Done

Getting things done turns worry into excitement

Everybody worries. Right now, you probably have a few worries on your mind. Are you thinking about a relationship that needs improvement or a laundry list of things that need completion? Are you worried about health or having enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month? Worry happens whether we want it or not. Life altering worry can be consuming and take over your life if you don’t learn ways to control it.

So, what is the goal to control worry? Is stopping the worrying enough to put you on an even keel, or are you hoping for something…more? What if, instead of worrying, you could earn excitement from new time management and efficiency skills?

Let’s look at seven ways to achieve this:

1. Prep the Night Before
Every night, spend 15 minutes of prep tweaking your goals for the next day, next week, next year. Then, establish what you are going to include on your task list the next day. All tasks should relate to a specific goal or its just a busy to do without the ability to satisfy a success changing goal.

2. One steady list of accomplishment
Create one master list, not a variety of to-do lists floating around in hopes you will get your tasks completed. It’s important to connect each task with a goal that needs to be completed. Prioritize the tasks based on the goals that must be accomplished. Tasks, by themselves, are just a list of busy work being checked off.

3. Be Here Now
Do you tend to lack focus? Maybe even being accused of not paying attention? Being present and paying attention in the moment makes us more productive. When our mind isn’t distracted, we’re better able to focus and reach that coveted state of flow. We accomplish tasks more quickly and effectively this way. Stop letting others interrupt you. Call back, close your door, be unavailable.

4. Realize This Gets You Nowhere Fast
Multitasking seems like a good idea: by working on more than one task at once. Studies show that when our brain is constantly switching gears to bounce back and forth between tasks – especially when those tasks are complex and require our active attention – we become less efficient and more likely to make a mistake. There are plenty of statistics and data on the internet proving this.

5. Power Hour
Schedule your first hour as an uninterrupted period to get the most critical task (to goal) for the day. This time should also be preparation for what the time blocks will be for the day and what is to be accomplished.

6. Email-Phone Calls-Texts
Enforce a policy on yourself to control interruptions. We all must answer emails, take phone calls, and respond to texts. However, having a plan to master interruptions is vital to your success. It’s hard to believe that the average Email time wasted every day according to Forbes is 2 hrs. and 30 minutes. In researching for this article, some studies suggested that 21 hours were wasted weekly on interruptions.

7. Social Media
Treat social media like a reward in your day. You think email or text interruptions are time consuming, statistically social media is a deal killer. The issue with keeping social media open on your computer is the headlines and bangs that distract us from what we must get done. On average, we spend 2 hrs. and 6 minutes on social media a day in North America (Statistic by Broadbandsearch.net)

Try a New Path on for size
In the end, worry is usually caused from a lack of money. Enhancing productivity with improved time management and control will have the kind of results you only dreamed of.

Now it’s time to find your excitement and enthusiasm to adjust your time to create control over your results. Effort will create momentum and a whole lot of brand-new accomplishments down the pike. It all starts with desire and effort. The success is in the consistency.

About the Author

Cindy Bishop is the managing director of Cindy Bishop Worldwide, a Real Estate Training School providing quality business building and continuing education for Real Estate Agents located in Virginia.
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7 Ways to Turn Worry into Excitement about Getting Things Done

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