Real Estate Coaching Topic Training Preview

This Video Library showcases a preview sampling of our Business Building and Coaching Topics. Many of the trainings are the first in a series module on our Agent Education Center which is a membership site that can be purchased alone or comes with any coaching program. We also have Business Building training Webinars on our upcoming event calendar throughout the year.
All content is rich in learning and relevant for any real estate agent.

Coaching Topic Training Previews

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Building Your Marketing Plan Part 1 of 3

As you start to think about your business plan for the next month, quarter or year it is imperative to think about your marketing plans as well. Join Sarah Rubin to discuss what to consider when building out your marketing plan.

Self-Coaching for Real Estate Agents

Learning how to self-coach will allow you to move forward with improvements one step a time. Challenges will be met, wisdom learned and retained, and habits formed and solutions developed. 

Unique Value Proposition for Real Estate Agents

Knowing your unique value proposition (UVP) is the first step in setting up any of your social media profiles. Learn what makes up your UVP statement in this video that is a sampling from our coaching training housed in our members only site.


How to Market to the Different Generations

This Training is about how to market to the different Generations. Real Estate Agents can successfully work with anyone in the purchase or sale of a property if they just understand who they are.
Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennial's, and Generation Z are included in this training. 

Baby Boomers-part 1 Who are They?

This is the 1st Part on the Baby Boomer Generation on who they are and how Real Estate Agents can successfully work with them in the purchase or sale of a property.
Generation X, Millennial's, and Generation Z training, like this one, is available in the Agent Education Center Membership site. 


Candy Bar Marketing

Real Estate Agents can Discover Inexpensive & Creative Ways to Market their Real Estate Business in this engaging presentation. Keeping in touch with consumers will build your database and referrals. This is a fun and beneficial way to stay in touch that is cost effective and your recipients will love it.

Creating Facebook Groups: Marketing for the Savvy Agent

The agent explores why creating a neighborhood Facebook group can be one of the strongest approaches to marketing as a real estate agent that exists. Then goes step by step into how to create your own Facebook group.

Branding: Why Brand? part 1 of this series

Branding is critical to the success of any Real Estate Agent. In this video, you will learn some of the basic concepts to branding, why it's important, and what focus you need to take. The First in a series on Real Estate Agent Branding. 

Social Media

Setting up your Twitter Profile

Having a well setup profile is crucial in social media efficacy. Learn how to best setup your Twitter profile here. This is specific training from Cindy Bishop Worldwide for real estate agents. This is part of a coaching series on setting up social media profiles.

Marketing to Millennial's using Social Media

Crack the Code on Social Media marketing to Millennial's. Learn how to effectively communicate in a way that makes sense to Millennial's and works for you and your business.

Facebook Basics

Facebook Basics covers statistics you need to know, why storytelling is so vital on this platform, how ordinary causes strong marketing results, and why video is a huge win on Facebook. Facebook basics is the first in a 3 part series for our coaching members. 

InstaPro: Getting Started with Instagram

This is the first training in our Instagram series for real estate agents. The remaining Instagram training for real estate agents is available to members of our coaching programs or Membership Site.


Professional doesn't mean not Personal. Get LinkedIn to work for you! This is the 1st of a 3 part training series. This training focuses on you profile intention with a call to action and proof of success. The other 2 parts are in our Agent Education Center which is a Training site for real estate agent members.

Soft Skills

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Common and Uncommon Objections for Real Estate Agents covers many of the objections that agents have and provides detailed answers to these objections.


Evernote, Part 1 Overview Benefit and Summary

The Evernote App makes you efficient by taking notes anywhere, storing directions, assistance in finding information faster, to-do lists, and projects with nothing falling through the cracks. 

Agent Essential Toolkit

Essential applications that are needed as today's technology requirements increase in order to maximize your success. You will learn... Business Technology improvements on a budget by reviewing popular applications used today, Implement cloud solutions, and discover new capabilities 

In the Cloud

Technology training to expand your cloud usage options and possibilities. 


How to Look and Sound Good On Video - part 1A

Your Emotional Appearance. This is part one of a five part series that focuses on tips, tricks and hacks to look and sound your best on your marketing videos.

Facebook Premiere

Facebook Premiere- A Marketing Tool for Real Estate Agents. You are shown what Facebook Premiere is, how it can influence video marketing for real estate agents, and how to use it.