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May 06 2021


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm



5-6-21 Listing Tools Masters Use

Listing Tools Masters Use is focused on helping a real estate agent understand the importance of listings and the responsibility to a Seller.

This course will cover many of the aspects associated with listing a house for sale in regards to financing. The adequate qualification of a buyer, the financing options, as well as appraisal and condition considerations.
The quality of this training will also assist in effectively providing improved consumer benefit and quality service.
The ability to sell homes more efficiently may also
increase the much-needed shortage of home inventory.

Course Objectives
· Help real estate agents understand the importance of listings
in today’s real estate market.
· Highlight the importance of financing in a home sale.
· Focus upon the objective of meeting the needs of listing clients.
· Discuss in detail tools that will help make listings more attractive:
Financing options-Lender & Seller Paid Closing Costs-Appraisals


Kelly Katalinas instructor



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