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financing workshop for real estate agents


Apr 17 2024


9:30 am - 11:30 am



4-17-24 Financing Workshop…Broad Brush Financing Training all Real Estate Agents Should Get

Enhance your career in real estate with an indispensable course designed specifically for agents who aspire to excel. In the dynamic realm of real estate, mastering this essential subject matter is not merely beneficial—it’s crucial for those committed to both representing buyers and sellers with unparalleled proficiency. This comprehensive course equips you with the critical knowledge and skills necessary to navigate property showings, contract preparation, and negotiations with confidence and expertise. Embrace this transformative learning experience to distinguish yourself in the industry and secure your success.

Dive deep into the core of real estate excellence by mastering these three pivotal areas:

Conditional Requirements: Gain an in-depth understanding of the nuanced conditions that can make or break a deal, ensuring you can navigate these complexities with ease.
Identifying a Solid Buyer: Learn the art of discerning serious buyers from the rest, a skill that guarantees the efficiency and effectiveness of your transactions.
Loan-Specific Requirements: Acquire specialized knowledge about the various loan types and their unique requirements, enabling you to guide your clients through the financial landscape with authority.
Arm yourself with these essential tools to build a robust foundation for your career. This course is more than an educational journey; it’s a strategic investment in your professional growth and a gateway to achieving excellence in the real estate sector. Enroll now and transform your potential into reality!

Virginia Licensing Credit:
PLE 2 Finance
CE 2 Real Estate Related
Broker Mgmt 2

Instructor: Dave Oliverio


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