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Apr 16 2021


9:30 am - 11:30 am



4-16-21 Contract Essentials…NVAR Updated

Key aspects reviewed for the NVAR residential sales contract which agents deal with everyday…


Goes through the contract sections that impact Real Estate Agents and their clients most, covers the accurate ways to fill out the contract in these areas, and
addresses questions that agents may have.
By preparing you properly with contract knowledge and awareness, the consumer, real estate agent, and brokerage will be better protected and the real estate professional will be more competent to adequately complete their transaction.
By the end of this course, Learners will have a new or
reinforced knowledge of the following:
-Importance of having accurate terms written on contract
-What the real property section means
-How to fill out the financing section
-The importance of the EMD section
-What the Virginia Property Disclosure Act means
-What the Virginia Property Owners Association Act Means
-Ethical Issues in Contracts
-How to avoid appearance of practicing law
-Proper use of Addenda and Notices
-Handling Contract documents filled out incorrectly
-Impact of improper transaction management
-Overview of most recent contract documentation changes

Virginia Continuing Education:

CE Contracts 2

PLE Current Industry Issues 2

Broker Management 2


Gary Garrison-Instructor

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